Information about delivery service

  We are happy to deliver you the desired equipment to the venue and pick it up, of course.
  This convenient service is already available for orders over EUR 250.00.

  Depending on the distance to the location, the costs for this are between EUR 60.00 - EUR 150.00 for one-time delivery and pick-up.
  The simple delivery service does not include installation of the technical equipment and is carried out by a driver only until
  Entrance / access area of the location.

  In addition, we also offer the combination of delivery and service as part of our full service professional installation including technical instruction.
  The booking and conditioning is done in consultation with our Clerks taking into account effort and personnel. Again, we are happy to help.

  The delivery as well as collection takes place at the times agreed in the rental agreement. Deviations require written confirmation our part.

  * Locations in the Serra de Tramuntana as well as port deliveries require a separate agreement.